Alixander Raczkowski


Alixander Raczkowski comes correct with a tasty new release to cap off his musical endeavours of 2016, Tracks taken from his new album Anxiety on Login Records.If you are unfamiliar with Alixander’s work he is adept at delivering deep hypnotic tech house, tracks that have the power to hold and encapsulate listeners while walking a quasi minimal aesthetic with expertise.On the flip of though we find Alixander is no stranger to a more stripped and pumping feel. With tracks like Numb Side, Gardeb and Mint battery are all club weapons waiting to be unleashed on the unsuspecting dance floor.Throughout his foray into electronic music it is clear that Alixander has captured a strong style and sound of his own paired with an ear for a catchy groove.This recap is the perfect introduction to an interesting artist, with much more to come real soon.