Sebi Deen

Sebi Deen is a DJ/Producer and underground music online magazine founder born in Georgia. He begins his electronic music journey in 2011 after he fell in love with underground dance vibes. First Sebi released his own beats and remixes with some underground dark and weird elements. Not long after this, his name appeared as a homegrown artist in some well known radio podcasts and in local underground club scene, where he began performing live too.

In Sebi’s tracks you will hear quite unheard sounds, in which way he tries to tell different stories. Also it echoes soft minimalism and symbolizes it’s own sound that defines it’s deep and dark style. As a mixing attitude, Sebi combines several stylistic features in his sets, such as: minimal, techno and tech house which is always deep and groovy.

“My music is the replica of my inner thoughts, as it reflects my inner character and nature. Dark beauty, this is how I would describe my music. My mission is to create unique sets to enchant the underground rave and leave an outstanding impression.”